Head of the Hudson – 9/22/2018

The Head of the Hudson is the first varsity race of the season, and will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  All rowers are to arrive on site at 6:45 AM. You will need to find your own transportation to the Regatta, hosted by Albany Rowing Center at the Hudson River Corning Preserve.

Regatta Schedule

7:00 AM:       Coaches & Coxswains meeting.  All coxswains and bow seats must attend.

8:20 AM:      Mens Junior 1x and Women’s Junior 1x

8:45 AM:       Men’s Junior Frosh/Novice 4x

8:50 AM:       Women’s Junior Frosh/Novice 4x

10:30 AM:     Men’s Junior 2x

10:35 AM:     Women’s Junior 2x

10:45 AM:     Men’s Junior 4+

10:50 AM:     Women’s Junior 4+

12:30 PM      Men’s Junior 4x

12:35 PM      Women’s Junior 4x

1:30 PM:       Conclusion of Regatta.  This is an approximated time, and athlete’s will need to stay until boats are derigged, trailer loaded and rowers are given permission from their coach to leave.



Men’s Junior 1x:  Ryan L., Kyle

Women’s Junior 1x:  Caitlin, Maddie

Men’s Junior Frosh/Novice 4x:  Chris, Nate, Ella, Owen

Women’s Junior Frosh/Novice 4x:  Sarah, Alilson, Lauren, Sarena

Men’s Junior 2x:  Nate & Owen

Women’s Junior 2x:  Jacey & Maddie, Sarena & Sarah

Men’s Junior 4+:  Ryan, Luke, Frank, Kieran, Dan

Women’s Junior 4+:  Kelsi, Isabel, Willow, Annaliese, Allison

Men’s Junior 4x:  Kyle, Ryan, Frank, Dan

Women’s Junior 4x:  Caitlin, Corinne, Gabby, Ella



Take Interstate 787 South. From 787 South, take exit Exit 4A Colonie Street. This will put you on to Water Street. You will see the boatyard and parking lot on your left under the 787 roadway. Turn left into the parking lot.

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State Championships

Below is the preliminary schedule for this weekend (times are always subject to change). Saturday Morning will be time trials to seed for finals. Those times stand as the official State Championship time until the final is actually completed.

5:15am     Bus Leaves High School
6:00am     Coaches and Coxswains Meeting
8:07am     Women’s Varsity Single- Elaina- Bow #17
8:18am     Men’s Varsity Single- Luke A- Bow #41
8:50am     Men’s Freshmen Four-
Kelsie, Dan, Kieran, CJ, Alex- Bow #93
11:17am    Mens Jr Double- Adam, Luke W- Bow #291
11:40am    Women’s Varsity Double
Samantha, Rebecca- Bow #333
Corinne, Therese- Bow #336
11:56am     Men’s Varsity Quad
Drew, Brody, Frank, Jacob- Bow #355
1:44pm      Men’s Varsity Double
Sam, Chase- Bow #438
Ben, Martin- Bow #444
2:10pm      Women’s Jr Double- Alyssa, Annalise- Bow #484
3:01pm      Women’s Varsity Four-
Gabby B, Isabel, Willow, Gabby P, Drew- Bow #611

Saturday Finals (if Qualified)
4:24pm     Men’s Freshmen Four (top 10)
5:12/5:20   Women’s Varsity Single (top 10 A Final, next 10 B Final)
5:28/5:36   Men’s Varsity Single (top 10 A Final, next 10 B Final)

Bus will leave Saratoga between 5:30pm and 6pm depending on finals

7:00am     Bus Leaves High School

Sunday Finals (if Qualified)
9:44/9:52          Men’s Jr Double (top 10 A Final, next 10 B Final)
10:16                 Women’s Varsity Doubles (top 10)
10:32                 Men’s Varsity Quad (top 10)
12:24                 Men’s Varsity Doubles (top 10)
12:48/12:56       Women’s Jr Double (top 10 A Final, next 10 B Final)
1:44/1:52/2:00  Women’s Varsity Four (top 10 A Final, next 10 B Final, next 10 C Final)

Bus will leave Saratoga at 2:30

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Saratoga Invite

We kick of racing this weekend with Saratoga Invite. The trailer and food tent will be located in Lee’s Park along the tree line were we typically are set up.

Please see the main blog for information about parking. All athletes are required to ride the bus to the race course.

Time are still approximate, but this schedule should be pretty close to what will actually take place.

Friday 4/27
After School     Take Bus to Saratoga
4:40p     Men’s Jr B Single        Luke A     Lane 4
5:12p     Women’s Jr Single     Elaina       Lane 6

5:30p      Take Bus back to High School

Saturday 4/28
5:15a      Bus will leave High School (please be there before 5:15)
6:00a      Coaches and Coxswains Meeting
7:54a      Men’s Varsity Double        Chase/Sam, Drew/Brody                              Lane 8, Lane 2
9:06a      Men’s Jr B Double              Adam/CJ                                                          Lane 5
9:14a      Men’s Jr B Double              Alex/Dan                                                         Lane 9
10:02a    Women’s Varsity Four      Gabby B, Isabel, Willow, Annalise, Drew Lane 5
4:52p      Men’s Lwt Four                  Kelsie, Dan, Kieran, Luke A, Frank            Lane 2
6:12p      Women’s Varsity Double  Corinne/Rebecca                                           Lane 7
6:28p      Women’s Varsity Double  Alyssa/Willow                                                Lane 8
7:00p       Take Bus Back to High School

Sunday 4/29
5:15a      Bus will leave High School (Please be there before 5:15)
6:00a      Coaches and Coxswains Meeting

Champ Events- Actual Race Time and Lanes depend on Results from Saturday
8:02a-8:18a         Men’s Varsity Doubles- Champ Event
9:38a -10:02a      Women’s Varsity Four- Champ Event
2:00p-2:16p         Men’s Lwt Four- Champ Event
3:44p-4:00p         Women’s Varsity Doubles- Champ Event
6:30p                    Take Bus Back to High School

The weather is supposed to be scattered showers (more consistent rain on Friday), High 50’s/low 60’s. Please be sure to bring gear for all types of weather. Even if it isn’t raining it is often very muddy.

The food tent will be set up Saturday and Sunday. Please bring your own snacks if you want them on Friday. Friday we will be primarily unloading and getting ready for racing the next day.

The trailer must be completely loaded on Sunday before anyone is dismissed.

Athletes may go home with their own parent. Please notify the coaches if you will be riding home with your parents.

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Couple of announcements

Pick up Time is 5:55pm. Us coaches will do what we can to be done by 5:55pm. Please text your athlete and tell them where you are parked and they will come to you. Athletes, if you don’t hear from your parent, please text them. Athletes, please wait in the gym or on the patio until your ride is available… and please walk single file in the road or in the grass. Athletes who drive themselves, please drive extra slow and careful. We know this is not an ideal situation for pick up, but it’s what needs to happen for the time being. The team is working on a better solution.

Saturday- Mattress Fund Raiser! Please share the information with all of your local friends and family (or out of town friends and family if they want to come buy a mattress on Saturday), ask them to pass it along as well. The key to this fundraiser being a success is passing the word along.

We also need athletes to volunteer for shifts to help direct traffic, hold signs etc. The sign up sheet is by the door at the boathouse. Please sign up if you have not already.

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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help with the Mattress fundraiser on Saturday at the middle school. Please sign up for a shift on the sheet by the door at the boathouse.

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Spring Break Practices

Girls Team:
Saturday (March 31) 9am-11am, if there is enough interest
Monday-Friday 8am-10am and 10:45am-12:30pm

Boys Team:
Friday (March 30) Optional Practice 3:30pm-5:55pm
Monday-Tuesday: 8am to 10am, 4pm to 6pm
Wednesday: Off- possible captains team bonding activity
Thursday-Friday: 8am to 10am, 4pm to 6pm

If there are any questions, please contact the coaches

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Yearbook Picture

The photographer for the yearbook will be here this Thursday (March 29th) at 4:45 for the team picture

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