A couple of reminders…

Docks Out on Saturday… All varsity rowers are expected to be in attendance… starts at 8:30am

Optional Practice today and tomorrow (varsity boys need to do their 20 minute and watts tests if they weren’t in attendance yesterday)

Auction Basket Items needed by Monday. If you have any questions please contact

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Weekend Race Times

Below are times and bow numbers for this weekend

Please arrive 2 hours before your race

9:56- Women’s Open Pair- Bow 288- Samantha and Rebecca
1:06- Men’s U17 Single- Bow 625- Adam
1:35- Mens Masters Four- Bow 701- Jacob (Coxswain)
1:44- Womens Masters Four- Bow 723- Samantha (Coxswain)
4:35- Womens U17 Single- Bow 1117- Alyssa

5:50am – Arrive and rig (please help mods! They are the first race of the day)
6:15am- Coxswains Meeting

9:18- Mens Jr Double- Bow 1514- Ben and Martin
9:50- Mens Frosh/Novice Double- Bows 1593 and 1597- Kieran, Dan/Luke A, CJ
10:02- Women’s Frosh/Novice Quad- Bow 1636- Isabel, Willow, Annalise, Drew C
10:13- Mens 1V Four- Bow 1671- Luke W, Drew P, Jacob, Ryan, Brody
1:23- Womens 1V Quad- Bow 1967- Isabel, Willow, Alyssa, Drew C
2:29- Womens Jr Double- Bow 2142- Line up TBD
3:02- Womens 1V Four- Bow 2221- Gabby B, Samantha, Rebecca, Elaina, Corinne
3:55- Women’s Frosh/Novice Double- Bow 2348- Gabby P and Gracie
4:23- Mixed Jr Eight- Bow 2409- Kelsie, Samantha, Rebecca, Jacob, Brody, Ryan, Ben, Elaina, Corinne

Dismissal- AFTER the trailer is loaded. The athletes will be encouraged to be productive and load boats throughout the day so we can pack up quickly at the end of the day.

REMINDER: It is going to be cold and very rainy on Sunday. PLEASE BE PREPARED! Rain gear, boots, extra layers… things to keep yourself warm and dry are necessary.


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Head of the Fish!

Last one for the season and it’s a big one! More information will be posted as we receive it.

Saturday- only those racing need to attend, please show up at least 2 hours before your race (Samantha, Rebecca, Adam, Alyssa, Jacob (masters cox))

Sunday- EVERYONE! Please arrive by 6am (headlamps/flashlights are highly recommended). The Coaches and Coxswains Meeting is at 6:15. Athletes will be required to stay until the trailer is loaded. Our final race will be the varsity mixed 8 at about 4:30.

Race times and bow numbers still to be determined and will be posted as soon as we get them. If you have any questions please ask your coach.

Pasta Party- To Be Determined.

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Mohawk Fall Classic Updates

We need a few people to help with docks and buoys in the morning, please arrive at 8am at the boathouse. Everyone else please arrive at Jumpin Jacks at 1pm. The more hands we have in the afternoon, the faster everything will be done.

Boys Pasta Party- at Luke Arocho’s house 334 Vley Rd, Scotia, at 6pm. Please bring $7 to help cover costs.
Girls Pasta Party- ??? Please see your captains

Reminder- Arrival Sunday at Jumpin Jacks is 7am or earlier if your parent volunteer needs to be there earlier. Dismissal is after the site is cleaned up.

Any questions, please see one of the coaches.

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Mohawk Fall Classic

Below are arrival and race times for Sunday’s home race. Please watch the main blog for any updates on times for helping with set up on Saturday

7:00 am- Arrive at Jumpin Jacks (or earlier if your parent’s volunteer spot requires that)
7:15am- Coaches and Coxswains Meeting
**** If you are not required to go to the C & C Meeting, please be unloading the trailer and rigging everything****

9:50am             Jr Girls 1x       Bow 63       Alyssa
10:10am           Jr Girls 4x       Bow 71      Corinne, Willow, Isabel, Drew C
10:30am           Jr Girls 4+       Bow 93      Gabby B, Samantha, Rebecca, Elaina, Therese
11:50am           Jr Girls 2x       Bow 120    Gracie, Gabby P
Bow 126    Willow, Alyssa
12:30pm           Jr Boys 1x       Bow 171     Adam
1:10pm             Jr Boys 4+       Bow 201     Luke W, Drew P, Jacob, Ryan, Brody
1:20pm             Jr Girls 8+       Bow 213     Kelsie, Samantha, Rebecca, Elaina, Therese
Corinne, Gabby P, Gracie, Drew
1:40pm             Jr Boys 2x       Bow 232      Martin, Ben
Bow 263      Kieran, Dan
Bow 240      Luke A, CJ

At the conclusion of racing the trailer needs to be loaded and a lot of cleanup needs to happen. Rower are expected to stay to help clean up the site, the more people that we have helping, the faster it will be completed. Estimated time of dismissal is 4:00.

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Head of the Charles Meeting

There will be a coxswain meeting and video review for the Head of the Charles on Saturday, October 14th, from 8am to 11am. We will be going over the course and rules of the regatta. All athletes going to the race are highly encouraged to attend. 

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Tail of the Fish Bow Numbers

Bow Number will also be posted at the trailer and at the food tent

8:24    W U19 1x      Bow 33
8:36    W U17 1x      Bow 41
9:19    W Open 2-    Bow 60
2:12    W 1V 4x        Bow 209
2:46    M V 2x           Bow 234 & 237
3:04    W 1V 4+        Bow 247
3:45    M 1V 4+        Bow 279
4:09    W V 2x          Bow 300 & 304

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