Weekend Line Ups

Friday 4:30pm- Boys Varsity 4x- Sean, Sam, Jon Tyler (Final Saturday 3:10)
Saturday- 8:00am- Girls JV 2x- Alyssa A, Therese (Final Saturday, 1:15)

8:45am Boys 1x- A: Bryan, B: Jacob
9:05am Girls 1x- Elaina
9:40am Boys 2x- A: Chase, Brandon B: Martin, Ben
9:55am Girls 2x- Alyssa G, Michelle
10:05am Boys 4x- Drew, Jeremiah, Bryan, Jacob
11:00am Girls 4x- Rebecca, Alyssa G, Gracie, Michelle
2:08pm Girls 4+- Gabby, Samantha, Rebecca, Alyssa G, Michelle (Final 6pm)

8:10am Boys B 4+- Luke, Bryan, Adam, Jeremiah, Jacob (Final 1:45)
9:28am Boys A 4+- Connor, Chase, Drew, Brandon, Brody (Final 3:00)


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Split Squad Weekend

The varsity team will be heading in two different directions this weekend, 2 boats to Nationals in Camden NJ, everyone else to Pittsford NY.

For the 6 going to Camden, you will be dismissed from school at noon on Thursday. Please make sure you have talked to your teachers and gotten your assignments for the missed school days. We will make a stop at the course before going to the hotel to find the trailer and possibly practice on the course. Heats on Friday, Finals on Saturday. We will head home at the end of the day on Saturday.

For everyone else heading to Pittsford, you will leave after school on Friday. Race Saturday and Sunday.

As we get more information about the two races we will pass it along.

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State Championships

State’s Weekend is upon us. Below is the schedule for Saturday Morning Time Trials. Finals are seeded off of these times. The Freshmen Girls Quad, Varsity Singles and Varsity ¬†Pair will have their finals on Saturday afternoon, everyone else will be Sunday. Once we have official final times we will try to get them posted on the blogs.

5:45- Arrive at High School
6:00- Bus leaves High School

8:00- Women’s Varsity Pair (Bow #5- Samantha and Rebecca)
8:07- Women’s Varsity Single (Bow #19- Elaina)
8:17- Men’s Varsity Single (Bow #52 Bryan, Bow #55 Jacob)
8:34- Women’s Freshmen Quad (Bow #85- Corinne, Alyssa G, Gracie, Michelle)
10:52- Women’s Junior Four (Bow #256- Gabby, Corinne, Alyssa A, Therese, Michelle)
11:34- Men’s Junior Double (Bow #354- Martin and Ben)
12:11- Men’s Varsity Quad (Bow #427- Sean, Sam, Jon, Tyler)
2:46- Women’s Junior Double (Bow #590- Alyssa A, Therese)
3:25- Men’s Junior Four
(Bow #699- Connor, Chase, Drew, Brandon, Brody
Bow #705 Luke, Jeremiah, Adam, Hunter, Stefan)

4:48- Women’s Freshmen Quad Final
5:44- Women’s Varsity Pair Final
5:52/6:00- Women’s Varsity Single Final
6:08/6:16- Men’s Varsity Single Final

7:00- Bus Leaves Saratoga

6:15- Arrive at High School
6:30- Bus Leaves High School

9:04/9:12 Men’s Junior Four Final
9:44/9:52 Women’s Junior Double Final
10:48 Men’s Varsity Quad Final
1:00 Men’s Junior Double Final
1:24/1:32/1:40 Women’s Junior Four Final

2:30- Bus Leaves Saratoga

It is expected to rain this weekend. Please come prepared for chilly, wet weather especially on Saturday.

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This weekend

The boys team will hold practice tomorrow, Saturday May 6th, at 3:00pm. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend.

Sunday, the Freshmen and some of the Sophomores will race at Jr B/C Championships.

Please arrive at the high school at 6:15. The bus will leave promptly at 6:30.

We are still waiting on lane assignments and official times, but below is the approximate schedule:
8:30am- Boys Jr B Quad (Luke, Adam, Hunter, TBD (Get well soon Colin!))
8:40am- Girls Jr B Double (Alyssa G, Michelle/ Corinne, Gracie)
8:50am- Boys Jr B Single (Drew and Connor)
1:40pm- Girls Jr B Quad (Corinne, Alyssa G, Gracie, Michelle)
1:50pm- Boys Jr B Double (Chase , Brandon)

The bus will leave Saratoga at approximately 5pm (after the last mod race and the trailer is loaded).

The weather for Sunday will be similar to last week. Please come prepared with rain gear, layers and extra dry clothes.

Please see Luke for Pasta Party Information.

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Invite Schedule

5:45am- Arrive at High School
6:00am- Bus leaves High School (Bus will leave without you, please be on time)

8:18am- Women’s JV Quad- Corinne, Alyssa G, Gracie, Michelle
9:14am- Men’s 1v Eight- Connor, Sean, Jacob, Sam, Tyler, Chase, Bryan, Brandon, Jon
9:46am- Women’s 1V Four- Gabby, Samantha, Rebecca, Alyssa A, Therese
10:18am- Mens 2V Eight- Luke, Martin, Brody, Drew, Ben, Jeremiah, Adam, Colin, Hunter
2:36pm- Men’s 1V Four- Connor, Bryan, Jacob, Brandon, Jon
3:32pm- Men’s 2V Four- Luke, Drew, Adam, Hunter, Brody
5:48pm- Men’s 1V Quad- Sean, Sam, Chase, Tyler
6:12pm- Women’s Varsity Double- Alyssa A, Therese
6:28pm- Men’s 2V Quad- Martin, Jeremiah, Colin, Ben
7:32pm- Women’s Jr B Double- Alyssa G, Michelle

Bus Leaves Saratoga at 8:15pm

5:45am- Arrive at High School
6:00am- Bus leaves High School (again- the bus will leave without you)

7:30am- Women’s Varsity Single- Elaina
8:26am- Women’s Jr B Single- Michelle
10:10am- Women’s 1V Four Champ Event- actual race time based on Saturday’s time
10:42am- Men’s 1V Eight Champ Event- actual race time based on Saturday’s time- Line up TBD
2:04pm- Men’s 1V Four Champ Event- actual race time based on Saturday’s time- Connor, Chase, Bryan, Brandon, Jacob
4:04pm- Men’s 1V Quad Champ Event- actual race time based on Saturday’s time- Sean, Sam, Jon, Tyler
4:20pm- Women’s 1V Champ Double- actual race time based on Saturday’s time

Bus will leave Saratoga at 6:40pm- after trailer is loaded.

Reminders- SUNSCREEN! Even if it is cloudy, please wear sunscreen. Saturday is a long day and the water will reflect the sun. Bring rain gear, the forecast keeps changing, please be prepared. Last- don’t forget your water bottle! It’s super important to keep hydrated on the long racing weekend.

If there are any questions, please contact your coach.

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Invite Pasta Party

Michelle will be hosting the pasta party on Friday for invite 7-9:30. Please bring $3 to help cover costs. 

275 Scotch Bush Rd

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I have uploaded the videos I took of the boys practices over break to youtube. All are unlisted videos in an unlisted playlist, but can be seen using the link below. Lots of good progress was made in a short amount of time!

Spring Break Rowing

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